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about us

Schlaraffia Am Stillen Meer - (ASM) - meaning “Schlaraffia at the Tranquil Sea”, was  formed in 1985 as a California Nonprofit Membership Corporation in San Diego, CA, and is an independent chapter of the worldwide organization “Allschlaraffia”, based in Switzerland. ASM is an enterprise, whose activities are not directed towards financial or other economic gains. While originally concentrating on fostering and refining the engagement of its members in promoting the ideals arts, humor, friendship and tolerance, the purpose of ASM today has broadened significantly. Presently ASM has 20 active members. They meet regularly in their clubhouse to discuss charitable activities, cultural integration, education, literature, fine arts, and music. Invited guests speak about cultural or historic events, educational challenges, how to fight childhood hunger and poverty, or entertain  by performing arts. Several events are scheduled throughout the year to make the mission, values and goals of ASM known to the public, attract new membership, and raise funds for the charitable and educational activities of the enterprise.

our mission

ASM is organized as a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In the true sense of Give & Take and their strong belief in friendship and tolerance, the members actively engage in supporting charitable and educational activities for children living in poverty. It is a proven fact that poverty significantly impacts the education of children. Lack of resources such as books, school supplies and technologies hinder their ability to engage in learning activities and successfully complete homework. Furthermore, they may not have access to proper nutrition which affects their cognitive development. Children living in impoverished communities typically attend schools with fewer resources, less experienced teachers and outdated educational materials, consequently not offering the same opportunities and quality of education as schools in more affluent areas. ASM supports local and international organizations already providing direct material support for impoverished children, with financial donations and personal assistance.

As an organization with German roots, ASM is also providing finances to support scholarships for children of needy families, who want to attend a local school which teaches the German language, culture, and history within German-English immersion programs. Furthermore, true to its ideals of fostering the arts, ASM is engaging in supporting young local artists by organizing exhibitions or musical performances within ASM clubhouse facilities, and children are encouraged to learn to play a musical instrument by joining classes organized and conducted by members.